The New York Times09/01/2010
What's Worse Than Badly Fitting Shoes?

What's Worse Than Badly Fitting Shoes?

Linda's Synopsis of What's Worse Than Badly Fitting Shoes?

I remember where I was when man took his first steps on the moon. And I'll never forget where I was when this New York Times article came out!

I loved talking with writer Cara Buckley. She asked all the right questions and immediately understood what we're about at Linda's. The wrong size bra is extremely uncomfortable. With 20 + years in the business, I can tell you that women are walking around every day in the wrong size bras. Some people - insert "men" here - envy what I do. But it's not always that sexy. We have to be sensitive to different personalities and body types. I've fit women who've had reconstructive surgery, who are nursing mothers, who are very uneven or without nipples. See, not so glitz n' glam after all, is it? But what is glamorous about my job is making women feel good and look great!

I can't promise women the moon, but I can promise them a fabulous fitting bra!

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