Real Beauty08/28/2011
How To Know if Your Bra Fits

How To Know if Your Bra Fits

Linda's Synopsis of How To Know if Your Bra Fits

Real Beauty stopped by my shop for the facts about bras and came out with a long list of bra "don'ts"- which are sometimes more helpful than the "do's"!

It never ceases to amaze me how many women are truly in the wrong size. They walk around thinking they're comfortable, then get a fitting with me and realize "oh my God, this is what comfortable feels like!" No sugar-coating for these authors when I ask one if the person who told her she was a 34C was drunk when they told her that. 34C? Try 30E. And that was just the beginning. From how not to store your bras, how to tell when your bra is dead, and why not to rely on the straps for support: these "real beauties" got an ear full!

Hey, I may be fun, but I'm totally serious about bras. "Take care of them, and they'll take care of you"- that's my motto!

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