Parents TV02/16/2010
Pick Bras That Fit - Nursing Bras

Linda's Synopsis of Pick Bras That Fit - Nursing Bras

All women, but especially pregnant women who plan to nurse, need a supportive bra that fits! I raised two children, so I know! And Parents TV helped me spread the word to all the moms out there.

Being pregnant can be a magical time in a woman's life, but it can also be a daunting time. Her body changes, she gains weight and her breasts get bigger. Because women should allow their bodies to go through these changes, the best time to get sized for a nursing bra is in their eighth month. A nursing bra should be comfortable. Breast tissue shouldn't be falling out the sides, top or bottom and it should be easy to unhook. Soft cup nursing bras are comfy and can be used to sleep in, while nursing bras that have underwire give you really good support. Since breasts are the heaviest they are ever going to be in your life, nursing moms need that, believe me!

So their breasts will change, but for a very good reason. Pregnant women are my best friends: their bodies are changing all the time and they need the right bras to put their breasts back in their proper place.

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