MTV Made10/19/2010
Episode 19: Weight Loss

Linda's Synopsis of Episode 19: Weight Loss

I always tell women how comfortable they will feel in the right bra- and it's especially true for sports bras! MTV brought by a young woman who was transitioning through a lot of weight loss and exercising all the time. I had one of my Bra Divas help her find the perfect sports bra!

Bras have two main functions: to support and to shape your breasts. Sports bras have the added function of protecting breast tissue. Not only is it totally uncomfortable to have your breasts bouncing up and down while working out, but it's also terrible for breast tissue. Ouch! This young woman was in desperate need of a great sports bra. Not only did one of my girls help her with a great fit, but she found her a really youthful style, too! Exercising can be difficult and boring- but wearing the right bra is a great way to start feeling better. I truly believe that the right bra can help motivate women to work even harder, and look even better!

"Fabulous" doesn't just apply to sexy lace, and basic style bras. A good sports bra is the key to keeping breasts perky and having that extra confidence in the gym or running down the street. I help women go from floppy and sloppy to fit and fabulous.

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