I Love a Good05/07/2012
My Date With Linda The Bra Lady

My Date With Linda The Bra Lady

Linda's Synopsis of My Date With Linda The Bra Lady

I fit expectant mom and editor, Jenny, from the popular Blog "I Love A Good." She learned quick that pregnancy boobs are nothing to take lightly!

Even in the first trimester women often ask me what size they'll be when they have the baby. Unfortunately, the only accurate answer is "bigger"! Most women go up one band size and anywhere from one to three cup sizes. Rather than try to predict a pregnant woman's size in the future, I encourage them to pay attention to how their bra is fitting at that moment. If the band is digging into them or they are spilling out of the cup, it's time for an upgrade - as it was for Jenny. If a woman plans on nursing, coming in for a fitting during her eighth or ninth month is ideal. Itís easier to estimate what size bra she'll need once she's almost ready to start breastfeeding. Two things are certain: pregnancy boobs crave comfort and support.

During pregnancy a woman's breasts will change drastically. Luckily Jenny gets that, and uses her blog as a fabulous way to share it with others.

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