I Love a Good03/12/2012
Sleeping in a Bra?

Sleeping in a Bra?

Linda's Synopsis of Sleeping in a Bra?

The subject of sleeping in a bra isn't always so black and white, and as Jenny from ILoveAGood.com learned, it's actually quite common!

It's not so much a shock to me that women want to feel supported at night when they sleep. What is surprising, though, is how many women are wearing the WRONG bra to sleep! Ladies, if you're gonna sleep in a bra at night, lose the underwires. Not only is it not comfortable or good for your back, but all that tossing and turning is tough on your bra, too! There are two types of women who get an automatic pass to "hitting the hay" in their bras: nursing moms and women with fuller-busts. Whether or not women fall into these two categories, they should be resting the girls at night in nothing more than a sleep bra, or in a "leisure" bra - one which is softer and less restrictive, yet keeps them supported through their zzz's.

There's nothing wrong with sleeping in a bra. Women should opt for something wireless and comfortable that does the supporting, while they do the snoring!

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