Fitness Magazine10/2006
Are You Wearing the Wrong-Size Bra?

Are You Wearing the Wrong-Size Bra?

Linda's Synopsis of Are You Wearing the Wrong-Size Bra?

Get your bra fitting basics! Band size is the most important part of your bra, and Fitness magazine helped me spread the word to women everywhere.

Though I love to help women in my stores, I also think it's important to help those that can't make it in. Women across the country need a place to start. My measuring method does just that. It gives them a starting point, so they can begin the trial and error process without totally guessing their size. On my website, I even offer a Bra Calculator, and my Bra Divas are always available through email, chat and phone. I do everything I can to make sure that women aren't going through their bra troubles alone. Because, when it comes down to it, I know their boobs better than they do!

Style, color, brand - none of this matters if you're in the wrong size. Size DOES matter... especially when it comes to your bra.

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