Fab Over Fifty10/11/2011
Founders Interview

Linda's Synopsis of Founders Interview

As a business owner and a woman over 50, it was very fitting that I was interviewed by Fab Over Fifty!

I love talking about myself. But second to talking about moi, would be talking about bras... and boobs! They could be a gals best friend or, they could be her worst enemy. A proper bra fitting is a good place to start if you fall into the latter of the two. A bra that fits right and fits well will not only lift your breasts but your spirits, too! When your breasts are low they make you look shorter, heavier and older. When they're up, the opposite happens. In the right fitting bra you'll look taller, thinner and younger. And when you're over 50, what woman wouldn't want that?

Wearing the right size bra? Check. Expert bra fitter? Check. Fab Over Fifty? You betcha!

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