Daily Candy09/09/2009
Find Your Bra Size

Linda's Synopsis of Find Your Bra Size

I like to tell it how it is. There's no room for sugar coating when it comes to bras. And in this Daily Candy video, two women are way overdue for a bra makeover.

Listen, I don't care if a woman is petite or full figured, wearing the right size bra will always help her feel and look better. I mean, watch Danielle, she looks 10 pounds thinner once she is in the right size bra- right off the bat! And Jane, poor Jane, she's shocked when she hears that she is a D cup. If only she knew that the back size and cup size are all relative, and that a snug back is the key to a great fit. Oh, the issues going on under women's clothing that I have to address everyday. It's a good thing I love what I do!

The basics of bra fitting are pretty simple, but being a bra expert takes years of experience and focus. I enjoy educating each and every woman, because once their bra fits properly, everything they put on is going to look and feel so much better! I'm improving women's lives, one bra at at time.

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