Cheryl Shops04/12/2011
Cheryl Shops with... Linda The Bra Lady

Cheryl Shops with... Linda The Bra Lady

Linda's Synopsis of Cheryl Shops with... Linda The Bra Lady

When you've seen one breast - or in this case, one blogger - you've seen em' all. I was reminded of that during my fitting with local blogger, Cheryl Shops!

Cheryl was pretty on point with her bra size, but what she had wrong was the type of bra she was wearing... a very common mistake with a lot of women. A bras' straps and the type of cups of a bra play a big role in nailing the right fit. And just because the bra fits, it shouldn't stop there. As Cheryl points out, there is a technique to properly putting on a bra, bras should be rotated on a daily basis and they should always be washed by hand. Bras also have a shelf-life. Unlike wine, they don't get better with age! Everyday bras need to be replaced every six months, especially if they're being worn on a regular basis.

There's so much more to bras then the right fit. Thanks to Cheryl for sharing that with her readers!

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