Tim Gunn's Guide To Style11/22/2007
Season 1 / Episode 6: Gina

Linda's Synopsis of Season 1 / Episode 6: Gina

Tim Gunn may not need a bra, but he still understands that they are an important foundation for every woman's outfit! His co-host brought Gina to my Upper East Side shop to get her new look started off right.

Like many women, Gina came into my shop wearing the wrong size bra. I took just one look at her and knew she was totally off! When I got Gina in the right size bra her entire silhouette changed. She went from slouched to slender, and from cute to confident. And like many of my customers, she ditched her old bra and wore a new one home! With the right undergarments a woman can improve the look of her entire wardrobe- and may even want to show it off! With that new confidence and strut, who knows?

Women need not wait for Tim Gunn to tell them they're in the wrong size bra. Chances are, they are. Luckily, they've got me to rescue them!

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