Bra La Mode09/06/2011
"Bosom Buddies" - Mom & I Head to Linda's For a Proper Bra Fitting

Linda's Synopsis of "Bosom Buddies" - Mom & I Head to Linda's For a Proper Bra Fitting

Sometimes "mother knows best". And other times, "mother needs the help of her adult daughter to show her where to find a great bra". It's true.

This blog post from Bra Lad Mode chronicles the endearing story of a 30-something daughter taking her 70-something Mom to my shop for a fitting. Every woman, regardless of age, can feel comfortable in a good bra. And so many do what I always advise against: they marry their favorite bra. Then, when it's discontinued, or the company replaces it with a new (read: better!) style, they panic! I always teach women to try a variety of styles, and to come back now and then for a bra check up. Not only can they verify their size, but they can see what's new in the bra world!

We always expect our knowledge to be passed down from generation to generation, but this story reveals that it can go in the opposite direction, too! Besides, you're never too old to learn something new.

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