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How to Store Bras at Home and On-the-Go

Linda's Synopsis of How to Store Bras at Home and On-the-Go

Proper bra storage is another important step in keeping your bras (and your boobs) looking fabulous.

Linda's long time Bra Diva, Kim, teaches you how to store your bras - both at home and on-the-go! Watch the video for the best tips on home storage (including some pretty clever space savers), how to pack your bras without denting the cups, the importance of creating a space for your bras, and more. Because, let's face it, a dented molded bra or bent wire means lumps and bumps and lots of pain under your top. Stay comfortable, and dent free with this important bra storage advice.

Your bras are the foundation to every outfit you wear, so take care of them... so they can take care of you. Check out this blog post for more photos and tips!

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