Commando Takeouts Breast Enhancers

Her Look Takeouts

Look a full cup size bigger in any bra with Her Look Commando Takeouts!
  • Comfortable and reusable silicone bra inserts
  • Add an entire cup size to your bust
  • Natural feel and movement
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Commando Takeouts Breast Enhancers "The Better Boob Job" - Clear2Commando Takeouts Breast Enhancers "The Better Boob Job" - Clear3Commando Takeouts Breast Enhancers "The Better Boob Job" - Clear4
Commando Takeouts Breast Enhancers

Commando Takeouts Breast Enhancers "The Better Boob Job"

Do you want bigger breasts without the hassle or expense of surgery? Referred to by its creators as "the better boob job" Commando Takeouts are clear silicone bra inserts that add an entire cup size to your existing bust line.

The use of medical grade high-quality silicone is what sets these babies apart from other bra inserts. Her Look Takeouts mimic the natural shape and feel of real breasts. Takeouts can be easily worn with a regular bra or even a bathing suit. Each takeout box includes one pair of bra inserts. Takeouts are recommended for cup sizes A, B and C. For a smaller cleavage boost, try Commando Cupcakes.

Let your breasts speak for themselves with Commando Takeouts - a woman never shares her secrets!

Fitting Support for Her Look Takeouts

  • Her Look Take-Out is one size fits all
  • We recommend this item for A, B, and C cups
  • These inserts add one full cup size
  • If you have any questions about this item, please ask Linda
Fabric and Measurements
  • 100% Silicone
Sizes and Colors
  • Available in Clear
  • One Size

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